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Play this undersea puzzle game favorite and earn a sunken treasure's worth of shiny new ranks and rank badges.

Match Squelchies in groups of three or more to clear the water

Create combos and use special Squelchies power-ups for even bigger token payouts

Earn tons of ranks and rank badges as you play!

Chat with friends and fellow gamers while you play.

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Squelchies How To Play

To move a Squelchy, click on a column to grab the bottommost Squelchy in that column. You then place the Squelchy by clicking on another column. Or, if you prefer, you can click-and-drag the bottommost Squelchy from one column to the next.

To make a match, you simply need to place enough Squelchies next to each other. They don't need to be in a row, they just need to be adjacent. The number of Squelchies required depends on the difficulty level. On Beginner and Easy difficulty levels, you only need three...whereas on Medium and Hard, you need four, and Expert level requires groups of five within this puzzle game.

When you make a group of matching pieces, they rumble for a moment, and then leave the playing field. Any Squelchies below them fall up to take their place.

Note that when you grab a piece, you not only grab that piece, but you grab every other piece of the same color that's adjacent to it -- even if it's in a different column. Sometimes this can create matches in unexpected ways, but soon you'll start planning for them.

When you create matches, you earn tokens. You earn additional tokens for making large groups of Squelchies, or for creating Chain Reactions. Chain reactions normally occur when, after you make one match, a group of Squelchies falls up to create another match. But if you're fast enough, you can also create a Chain Reaction by making a match anywhere on the playing field before another match finishes up.

For every "link" in the Chain Reaction you create, you double the amount of tokens you earn, so go for those big Chain Reactions if you want to earn big tokens!

As you make matches, Chucky the Crab at the bottom of the screen will advance towards the finish line next to the treasure chest. If you make enough Squelchy matches, Chucky will cross the finish line and you win this puzzle game!

If the Squelchies reach the sea floor, they'll take over and you lose the puzzle game. You'll tell when a Squelchy is about to reach the bottom of the sea floor because it'll start shaking with excitement. When that happens, you'll have only a few moments to get rid of it or move it higher up before the Squelchies invade!

Most rounds of Squelchies will include one or more Power-ups. These power-ups are broken into two halves. To activate a power-up, simply place the two halves of the power-up next to each other, and they will join together.

Within this puzzle game, the Magic Starfish is a power-up. When activated, it will change all the Squelchies of one color to another color. You can create some very large matches this way.

The Whirlpool power-up will give the Squelchies a spin. Some Squelchies will be removed from the grid altogether, while others will end up in a completely different place (this sometimes creates some matches). It also leaves the Squelchies a little dizzy, giving you time to create a match or two before they get their bearings again.

When the Blowfish power-up is in effect, you'll see a couple of friendly-looking fish swimming up and down the screen at the beginning of the wave. When you activate this power-up, these two guys suck in all the Squelchies in their row, then spit them out of the playing field. Just make sure when you activate this power-up that the fish are near some Squelchies -- you don't want them sucking out an empty row!

Eggs: Eggs are immature Squelchies. Because they haven't hatched yet, you can't use them to make any matches. But if you create a Squelchy match next to them, the vibrations causes these little guys to hatch. In fact, it causes all the Squelchies on the screen to hatch into Squelchies of the same color of the match you just made. With a little planning, you can create some really large matches this way within this puzzle game.

Anchors: Some Squelchies have figured out if they grab onto any anchors they come across (there's a lot of them in the ocean), they can't be moved by your mouse. But you can still make matches with them -- you'll just have to bring the matching pieces to them instead of the other way around.

Kings: Every once in a while, you might come across a King Squelchy --they're easily identified by their crowns, distinguished-looking beards, and proper use of grammar. If you're able to capture (i.e. make a match with) a King Squelchy, he'll disappear into the giant oyster on the left, where he'll be transformed into one of the letters in BONUS. If you capture five kings and spell the letters in BONUS, then when you clear out the wave, you'll be transported to... The Squelchy Bonus Round! In the Squelchy Bonus Round, your job is simple. Squelchies will fall down from the screen, bouncing around on jellyfish as they go. Catch as many of them as you can in your pail. Each one you catch is worth tokens, so get grabbing within this puzzle game.

Squelchies Tips and Tricks


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