Options:Customize your Gin Game > Customize Your Table

Before you start a new game of Jungle Gin, you can set a number of options. Options set by default are in [brackets]:

Oklahoma Gin (first up card determines knock limit) [no]
Play a game of Oklahoma Gin instead of regular ol' gin. In Oklahoma Gin, the first card that is turned face up determines the knock limit, and if that card is a spade, points for that hand are doubled.

Don't allow knocking [no]
With this option on, you cannot knock. You can only go gin. You cannot select this option if you have already decided to play a game of Oklahoma Gin.

Aces are: {Low only / Low or high (Deadwood aces = 15)} [low only]
With this option you can change up the game a little and allow Aces to be used either as high or low cards (to make runs). However, when this option is turned on, any deadwood (unmatched) aces in your hand at the end of the game are worth 15 points each, not 1. This is a commonly played variation of Gin.

Multi-game match [yes]
When this option is turned on, you play several games until somebody's match score beat the limit for this table. If this option is turned off, you simply play one game.

Score that ends the match [500]
If you chose to play a multi-game match, this setting determines the score required to end a match. Try playing a 700 point match if you want to play for a really long time.

Use Forfeit Timer [no]
Gives you a limited amount of time to make each move, as set by the pull-down menu. If you take longer than the amount of time allotted, the other player can opt to give you an additional minute to make your move. If he or she chooses not to extend your time, you lose and your opponent wins.