Types of Badges

Wednesday Challenge Badges - Your Club Pogo membership includes access to hundreds of badges for free. Two new Wednesday Challenge Badges are offered each week. To earn them, just play the games and complete the challenges for each badge! You have one week to complete these badges.

Personal Challenges - Personal Challenges are a special kind of Wednesday Challenge. They are "personal" because you choose which challenge from the Wednesday Challenge Archive you want to work on. You need to activate a Personal Challenge to start earning progress toward it. Each week you get to choose up to 2 Personal Challenges from the Wednesday Challenge Archive you wish to play. Once you complete your Personal Challenges, you must wait until the following Wednesday to start a new one.

Game Award Badges - Also known as "rank" or "level" badges. Earn these free badges simply by playing your favorite games and making progress (ranking up). There is no need to activate anything and no time limit.

Special Edition Badges - Keep an eye out for special badges awarded on holidays or during special events! These badges are all free, but some are awarded directly and some need to be earned. Your Club Pogo member badge is a Special Edition badge that you get just for signing up for Club Pogo.

Mix-n-Match Badges - Get these badges one-at-a-time to build your own custom albums. These badges are extra tall and feature deluxe graphics. You can only work on one Mix-n-Match badge at a time, but you don't have to wait until Wednesday to start working on a new one. As soon as you finish one just activate another and keep going. Get Mix-n-Match badges with Pogo Gems!

Premium Badges - Get animated, themed collections of badges as a group. Like Mix-n-Match badges, you don't have to wait until Wednesday to start a new Premium Badge Album badge. As soon as you finish one, you can start another. In addition, you can work on one badge for each Premium Badge Album you own. Get Premium Badge Albums with Pogo Gems or credit!

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