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While points above the line do not count toward a Bridge game score, they do count toward a team's match score. Since these point values tend to be higher, they are more instrumental in affecting the outcome of a Bridge match.

Once a team has won one game, it is said to be vulnerable.

When the declaring team is vulnerable, certain above-the-line bonuses for successful play are increased. Likewise, other above-the-line penalties for unsuccessful play are also increased.

If the declaring team wins tricks in excess of those necessary to make their contract, they earn points above the line.

The point amounts for overtricks are mostly the same as those scored below the line: 20 points per trick in Clubs and Diamonds, 30 points in Hearts, Spades, and No Trump. The only difference is that the 10-point bonus for No Trump is not awarded for overtricks.

When a bid has been doubled or redoubled, a bonus is added for each overtrick, as follows:

If Declaring Team is: Doubled Redoubled
Not Vulnerable100 points200 points
Vulnerable200 points400 points

If the declaring team wins fewer tricks than they bid, the defenders score points above the line for each trick, as follows:

  Not Vulnerable Vulnerable
Not Doubled - Each Undertrick50 points100 points
Doubled - 1st Undertrick100 points200 points
Doubled - 2nd and 3rd Undertrick200 points each300 points each
Doubled - Subsequent Undertricks300 points each300 points each
Redoubled - 1st Undertrick200 points400 points
Redoubled - 2nd and 3rd Undertrick400 points each600 points each
Redoubled - Subsequent Undertricks600 points each600 points each

Bonus Points
All bonus points are awarded above the line.

Slam Bonus
A successful bid of 6 (12 tricks) is a small slam. A successful bid of 7 (13 tricks) is a grand slam. Bonus points above the line are awarded for slam bids, as follows:

If Declaring Team is: Small Slam Grand Slam
Not Vulnerable500 points1000 points
Vulnerable750 points1500 points

Doubled Bid Bonus
If your team makes a doubled bid, you score a bonus of 50 points above the line. This is sometimes known as "50 for the insult." When you make a redoubled bid, you score a bonus of 100 points above the line.

Honors Bonus
The top five Trump cards (Ace through Ten) are called honors. If you hold all five of these cards, your team scores 150 points above the line. If you hold four honors, your team scores100 points above the line. During a No Trump round, if you hold all four aces, your team scores 150 points above the line.

Rubber Bonus
If your team wins the rubber (two games), you earn bonus points above the line. This bonus is 700 points if the other team was not vulnerable and 500 points if they were vulnerable.