A full game of Yahtzee Party consists of 13 rounds of play (with 3 rolls per round) to score the 13 categories on the score card.  The goal is to fill out the score card with as many points as possible and hopefully outscore others in the room.  Each game has a time limit to complete each game, depending on which game tab you click on – the Fast Rooms or the Slow Rooms.  If you like a more leisurely game or are new to Yahtzee you may want to play in the slow rooms.  Fast rooms are suited for Yahtzee veterans who can make quick decisions.

Rolling, Holding, and Scoring

The very first roll at the beginning of a game is made by the computer.  If there are any scores above zero possible it will be displayed in the category area on the left.  You may score a category by clicking on a category or roll up to two more times to try and get a higher scoring set.  Most times you will want to hold one or more dice in order to work towards a specific category.  To hold a die, click on it to place it in the held area at the bottom of the screen.  You may hold all of the dice, but in order to roll again you must have at least one free die.  To release a held die, click on it.  The same rules apply for the next roll, and after the third roll you must score a category, even if the category will result in a “zero” score.  Clicking on a category temporarily scores that roll and that score is confirmed when you roll the dice to start the next round.  Note again that you may score your roll at any time, not just at the final roll.  For details on how the scoring works, see the “Scoring” section.

The Timer

If you run out of time before all 13 categories are scored, your game will end and your grand total will be calculated automatically.  This may happen during your first game as often you will join a game in progress, but don’t sweat it as you will still earn some tokens and have the opportunity to play instead immediately instead of waiting.

The Leaderboard

At any point in the game you can click on the leaderboard above the felt area to view your score in comparison to others in the room.  Note that the round number of each player is of particular importance as some users will complete their game at different rates.  You may click on the leaderboard again to collapse it.  Also displayed on the leaderboard is the number of Yahtzees (if any) the player has.  If there is an Y1, for example, that means the user has one Yahtzee.   The leader board will open up automatically when time expires and score are final.  You will then see the top scorers and your own score relative to the top players.

Token Payout

The token payout is enumerated on the game summary screen and is fairly direct, as the user earns tokens equal to the grand total in the regular game, plus Super Yahtzee bonus winnings (if any), and a Top Scorer bonus (for coming in 1st-3rd place with variable tokens awarded depending on place and room size).  The tokens won in the Free Play game and jackpot spin winnings will be listed here as well.  All these tokens are totaled to display your tokens for that game.

Winning the Game

The player with the highest grand total wins the game and earns up to 500 tokens!  The 2nd and 3rd place winners will likewise be recognized with token rewards.  The first place player will also play the role of gift-giver; a screen will appear after the game summary displaying two randomly selected player avatars.  Clicking on one of them will gift the same amount of tokens won for getting first place!  A player will be randomly chosen after 10 seconds passes if the user fails to select one.

Quick Tip:
Go for that upper score card bonus!  If you can amass 63 or more points in the upper score card area (the Aces through Sixes categories) you will get a 35 point bonus!