About Chat
The Basics Problem Players Chationary Emoticons

Club Pogo Chat features:

View Pogo™ Mini - To view someone's Pogo™ Mini, click on their name in the list and select "View Pogo Mini"

Chat options:

Display Badges in chat - When this item is checked, the Badges of Club Pogo members only will display next to their player names. When this item is not checked, no badges will display.

Show Emoticons - Enables the display of emoticons in chat. When this option is not checked, emoticons will be shown as text instead of pictures.

Mini View - You can view players' Pogo™ Minis (including your own) right in the same area where the Who's Here list normally is displayed. There are two ways to switch to "Mini view":

  1. Click the button above the Who's Here list that looks like a small picture. This will switch to "Mini View".
  2. Click on someone's name in the Who's here list, and select "View Pogo™ Mini" from the options listed. This will load that person's Mini in avatar view.
You can switch back to the Who's Here list by clicking the button with the list icon on it, or by clicking on the Mini and choosing "View Who's Here" from the list of options.